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First Class Tours

Landscape view from an helicopter

1st Class Customised Tours

Tailor-Made Helicopter Tours

Any Permitted Destination and Site

Gourmet Tours
and many More

In the framework of our first class, you can choose a customized tour that fits your hand like a glove. Define for us a topic, your wishes and your budgetary framework, and we will tailor-make a helicopter tour for you to any destination and site in Israel where it is permitted to fly.


It can be to the snow-capped Hermon Mountains, via the Banias River and the Nimrod fortress. It can be a flying tour over the Old City of Jerusalem (within the defined limitations of authorization), a river and waterfalls tour in the Negev, and also a gourmet tour, breakfast and a glass of natural juice in the region of the Dead Sea, ending with a visit to the Golan Heights wine-cellars and a delicious chef's meal - with only one glass of wine, so that we will be sober when we land back in Herzliya or Tel Aviv.

pilot and passangers
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