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TLV Helicopters Pilots


All our pilots have a high safety profile, extensive military and commercial helicopter flight experience and have all clocked in thousands of flight and instruction hours. They are all passionate about providing the highest standard of service to our customers, and they all speak both Hebrew and English.

Major (Ret.) Speedy is our fastest and most energetic Chief Pilot. After Serving in the IAF, Speedy owned two famous Tel-Aviv restaurants. If you like wine, need a restaurant recommendation or a good recipe, this is the pilot you want.
Brigadier General (Ret.) Boaz is a decorated pilot. Boaz is a people person and easily makes friends with everyone. If you like good battle and action stories, he is the pilot for you.
Sharon is known in the IAF as a fierce commander and pilot - don't be fooled by his broad smile. He is without a doubt the most serious pilot in our company. If you are ready for serious business, Sharon is your guy.
Lt. Colonel (Res.) Alon is not only a great pilot but also a certified tour guide. If you are a history enthusiast, Alon has stories and information about every corner of our beautiful country.
Avram has been a helicopter mechanic for 45 years. IAF Ch-53s, Hueys, Bells, Eurocopters - whichever helicopter, just give him a screwdriver, and Avram will know how to maintain or fix it.
Gal still serves as a reservist mechanic on Airbus Panther SA-565 helicopters in the IAF. His enthusiastic and broad smile appears every time he’s near our helicopters.
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Boaz: +972-52-88-25-444
Speedy: +972-54-66-44-107

Hertzliya Airport

1 Menachem Begin street, Hertzliya