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Our Company

TLV Helicopter flying

Our Specialties


First Class VIP, corporate and private flights

Luxury air-conditioned helicopters

Guided sightseeing tours

Experimental flight-testing

Aerial photography

Uncompromised safety

Did you know?

In 1863, the French writer Ponton D'Amecourt was the first person to coin the term "helicopter" from the two words "helico" for spiral and "pter" for wings.

TLV Helicopters


TLV Helicopters

TLV Helicopters is Israel’s leading helicopter services company specializing in First Class VIP, corporate and private flights to any destination in Israel, operating a luxury helicopter fleet at the highest level of safety. The company’s expertise extends also to experimental flight-testing of airborne systems as well as to aerial photography and filming. 

Our company-owned helicopters are customized to our specifications and are operated and maintained in-house. 


The company is certified by the Civilian Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI) and by Israel’s Ministry of Transportation. It is also an authorized supplier to Israel’s Ministry of Defense, the Prime Minister's Office and other governmental institutions.


The Boston Executive Helicopters Company is our affiliate in the US.


TLV Helicopters pilots are among Israel’s highest qualified pilots and have at least twenty years of flying experience as well as thousands of flying hours. All flights are operated according to CAAI’s regulations and are supervised by the company’s chief pilot, who is also responsible for training the company’s pilots. 


We are thoroughly and uncompromisingly committed to safety and to the finest maintenance practices. Our helicopter maintenance is conducted in-house by our skillful and highly experienced mechanics and is performed and inspected according to the manufacturers’ policies and CAAI regulations. 

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